Cursed by the bell

I survived last Friday in a state of sleepiness and a confused balance: I thought I still felt slightly the rocking of the boat. All of this was caused by a severe lack of sleep.

AT 1.30 AM we delighted a taxi driver at the airport by ordering to drive us to the nearby train station where we had parked our car (4km?)...he just barely didn't curse out loud for this short ride. Fortunately they are not allowed to refuse you, otherwise I fear non of them would ever give us a ride.

One hour later we could finally go to bed. Since we needed the parking space in front of our house for the carpenters, we had slid a little paper at the windshield of our neighbours car with the request to ring our doorbell when he left. Little did we know he already left at 5.30 AM for work. Yikes, not a pleasant hour to wake up by the doorbell. Hardly awake I jumped in some clothes and parked our car in front of the house. Phew, that strategy had worked and with parking space blocked by ourselves, we could go back to sleep for another couple of hours since the carpenters were not expected before 9.30 (due to traffic around Brussels).

The nasty doorbell disturbed harsly our dreams at 7.30 already. It took a while before we realised that the carpenters were already at our door a 'bit' earlier than they had predicted. So the night had ended for me and I had to jump in some clothes again and rush downstairs to open the door with my hear in lots of peaks. I don't remember what I mumbled but it must have sounded quite confused, but at least they were in and could start to work on our wardrobe in the bedroom/dressing and bathroom.

Jan poured himself full of coffee and started his day of working while I somehow passed the time, don't remember how. In the afternoon I decided I was tired enough to nap despite all the noise in the house. All cuddled up in the sofa I drifted off in a new dream when the doorbell rang again. What was wrong with that freaking doorbell today? I simply was not allowed to sleep a bit!
Anyway, it were too policemen who wanted to preach because one of the trucks was still parked on the sidewalk... I kindly called the carpenters down and disappeared again :p. And I gave up getting another nap and simply poured myself some cups of coffee as well.

In the mean time our bedroom/dressing and bathroom have been transformed and the base of all cupboards have been installed. Another step taken!


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