Kwimba bekoort

Last year the youth choir JKD in Deinze realised that after 20 years the choir was no longer a child and youth choir but an adult choir. And that all those adults were studying across the country, moving, marrying and having children etc which makes it hard to keep the choir going. With the disappearence of JKD, my flute didn't come out of its box very often anymore.

Fortunately our former director Jackie could not give up music and he was adopted by : Kwimba, a choir from Ghent looking for a new director. Fortunately Jackie also has not forgotten our phone numbers. For the 10th anniversary of Kwimba, a lot of old familiar JKD faces showed up as well to reinforce the concert a bit. I had the honor to play the flute again and sing even a little bit solo!

The rehearsals last weeks felt like a sort of homecoming. I had not realised how much I was missing the music already. It is soo nice to get together with a small group of people and play music together. And it's such a miracle when a group of people starts singing together and these wonderful voices melt together in strong powerful worldmusic !

The concert wasn't technically perfect but it was fun and that is what counts. Afterwards we could enjoy the friendship that such a concert brings at a reception in the sun :). I am glad I joined in today and I am sure that Jackie will find my telephone number next time again when they have a new concert. In the mean time, I think I'll look for a choir in Leuven because I enjoy making music so much and it's a good way to meet people.


Mike said…
Always have fun, that's my philosophy.


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