Laundry instructions

Why do the laundry instructions on my sweater state that I can wash it at 30°C if it then shrinks to a size that I didn't have in the last 15 years?! Grrrrrr Argh. Maybe Luisa or RenĂ©e want a hairy red sweater in the coming years?

How do you like my haircut by the way? Just went to the hairdresser this weekend! Like Brianna states here: "nothing can pick up a girl like a new hair cut :p". :) Especially when it has become too long and unmanagable.


Betsy said…
Oh no! Poor sweater! And it looks like it was cashmere- how sad!

Great new haircut! :-)
Allie said…
Hmm ... I can see that at least I am not the only one who has challenges with laundry! :P

Love the haircut. As per the norm, you are looking gorgeous!!

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