Not recommended cleaning technique

Do not try this at home: taking a full bucket and a bunch of small carpets in your arm to go downstairs on the stairs, bend (I think?) and then slip a few steps downwards from the stairs while dropping the bucket and carpets:

* water flows down from the stairs so less effort needed to wash the stairs.
* The carpets get shaken a little bit while falling
* you still need to wash the stairs evenly
* the shaking of the carpets was not sufficient to get the dust out.
* most of the water gets spilled over yourself, splashes down one or 2 floor

But let's say that the dark bruise on my hip and my skinless elbow are convincing me most not to try this anymore. Reminder to myself: stop carrying a 100 things at the same time up and down if you cannot see the stairs.


Brianna said…
Sounds like you need a houseboy to carry things for you!
Betsy said…
sari said…
I have that problem in the grocery store with the carts. If my five year old is in the cart, he's so big I can't see around his ginormous head and I crash into things left and right.

I hope you're feeling better soon! Take it easy!

Oh no! I am a major multi-tasker like that... I never learn!


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