small hartattack

For a couple of weeks I am following the reality/detective series "Wie is de Mol" on the Dutch television. the "Mol" is a Belgian tv format in which a group of people needs to do challenging assignments in a foreign setting but one of them must sabotage as much as possible the assignments without getting busted. The rest of the group needs to find out who is the "mol" in the group before they get executed. It's very thrilling. The formula was sold in more than 50 countries (long ago when reality tv was still new and refreshing ;) ) and it has won international prizes.

I absolutely loved the Mol on Belgian tv, but VRT did not broadcast it anymore in Belgian since 2003. By coincidence I stumbled on the Dutch version this winter shortly after the start and I picked it up there. I thought the final would be on March 1st, the day we left for Egypt.... No problem, I had programmed the DVD recorder so I wouldn't miss it.

Tonight I found some time to watch it and just when I think the mol will be discovered, the end titles appear! What!? I nearly had a hart attack! Did i watch it for weeks only to see that the last episode had been split up over 2 episodes and that I had missed the final probably on March 8th when we were still in Egypt with no dvd programmed. Damn damn, this could not be true! how stupid.

Then it came on the screen "final on March 15".... for some odd reason the Dutch tv programming skipped a week. So I can watch the final after all. Great!


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