Early summer

Gosh I adore summer days! I crave for summer days! Nothing can go wrong on summer days as today! My body sucks in the sun and transforms it into energy and relaxation at the same time. On those days I wonder how I survive cold grey days when it is no summer.

Can you believe that it was 25 C today! Wooohoooo. On those day's I'll almost foolishly wish that that global warming truly creates a mediterrenian climate here.

Despite the good weather, I gave myself some pep talk in the morning and then descended in the basement to start sanding the wall again. No fun job since I had plastered with too thick material before and as a result I had too many thick edges. I was frustrated with myself for not having done a good job before and for spending my day in the basement when the weather was so great. But Jan joined me downstairs and together we managed to fix everything up by noon and by 3 PM the office space got its first layer of paint. yeah, always great to see very visual progress!!

The rest of the afternoon was lazely spent in the garden in the sun with a book working on my tan, then we went shopping and had our first bbq of 2007. Hmm I have to admit it, life can be great!


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