4 years meme

I have been tagged by Allison over at A Day in the Life of the Whittinghams . It is a four year meme. Hmm tough. Here I go:

Four new things I have learned or experienced in the past four years:

1. 4 years ago I was really not happy in my job anymore. I felt that I did not get the opportunities that I deserved and it made me loose my self-confidence. Instead of going for the opportunities myself, I started hiding myself in the office, sucking myself into self-pity. In the end I did change jobs but only after feeling miserable for a long time.
I think I learned from the occasion that hiding is not a solution at all. When I say "I learned" it does not mean that I always stand up for myself either. I have to remind myself each time I feel less happy in a situation at work. But I know that I won't let the situation drag as long as before. I'll stand up for myself quicker or I'll search for another job. At least, I should when I need to.

2. I learned to paint, plaster, decide on designs and decorations, ... In the last 2 years I helped Jan and my father-in-law transform our house from an old neglected place to a modern minimalistic home. We've spent a lot of our weekends working in the house and you'll see that we are not professionals. I have to learn to accept that we cannot do it all perfect and that I will always see those spots that didn't really work out as I want. But nevertheless I cannot say how proud I am to have helped on putting floor heating in, dragging bags of sand around, making plaster, plastering edges and corners, painting, ... It's so fulfilling to work on your own house!

3. I learned how to dive :-) . Hurray for me and the underwater world. hellooo fishies.

4. I moved out on my own, rented my own appartment, learned to cook for myself, get all my household chores organised for myself, etc... And then I moved in with Jan this winter in our renewed house and we are now managing our household of 2.

Four things that I want to try to do in the next four years:

1. Do some sports: I want to do aerobics again and I want to be able to bike around Leuven without grasping for breath at every little hill. I should do a start to run program as well in which you learn step by step to run 5 km.

2. Learn a new instrument or get active again in playing the flute. That might not be in the coming year though, but I want to join a choir in the near future again.

3. Design and build our little garden

4. Get local friends in Leuven

I tag the following four people:

1. Betsy: I hope you get your internet sorted out soon!
2. Jenn in Holland
3. Julia : I dare you to bring your blog to life again ;)
4. Chui Hsia
5. Shaley-O
6. Leen blogging life from her project in India!


I used to play the flute too! Wow! I think its awesome to do your own home improvements!
Allie said…
I admire your dedication with the home improvements! Not only would a project like that have taken Paul and I at least TEN years to achieve, we would have likely given up and hired someone to do it for us. I will post pictures of our TINY landscaping project ... and it took many hours to get done. In the end, we decided any other home improvements can wait for another couple of years. :P

Thanks for playing!!
Jenn in Holland said…
Looks like a fun one GB! I will let you know if and when I ever get to it! I am so lame when it comes to getting Memes done.
But I love your answers. All so very interesting!
Haley-O said…
Thanks for the tag, Goof! I'm too lazy to do this right now.... I've been a BAD TAGEE lately, trust me! But, thanks for thinking of me.

And, look at you with the home improvement!

I LOVE the flute. BEAUTIFUL sound!

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