Different perspective on terrorism

On BBC and CNN: breaking news: terrorist attack at the airport terminal in Glasgow...witnesses, analysis, .....

The VRT news tonight:
* Truck crashed onto bridge pillor on ring road around Brussels. Ringroad around Brussels closed all day...
* Fire at an exposition at the music festival Couleur Café : 22000 people evacuated but concerts restarted at 9 PM
* ULM plane crashed in a garden. Pilot dead
* Opel negotiations still going on for the foreseen lay-offs
* Since the new weapon law in Belgium xxxx weapons collected
* The still ongoing investigation in a parachute murder months ago now leads investigations to US
* World naked bike ride came by in Brussels

...and then finally foreign news: the terrorist attack at Glasgow

ok I can apprecciate nicely splitting Belgian news from foreign news, and I know we have a bit more relaxed view on terrorism than other countries that actually have been under attack...but hey, couldn't they have had their priorities nevertheless just a little pit out of order?? Dugh!


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