Edinburgh Seven's 2007

Last Sunday I got to see men jumping on top of each other, pulling each others shorts, chasing each other, taking their shirts off , etc... Pretty exciting huh! There was only less mudd involved than I had somehow expected. My expectations must have been disformed by some wrong images I had seen on tv?

So any guesses?

Together with some of Jan's international colleagues in Scotland, we went to see the last games of the IRB Seven's rugby tournament series at Murrayfield. It was my very first encounter with rugby but I liked seven's. Those are really short games of twice seven minutes with only 7 players on the big field. It al goes quite fast with chances turning quickly in the game.

And it was fun being at a big international tournament with teams from 16 countries of the world and also multinational spectators.

Kenya - Fiji in Final Bowl

Russia - France in Final Shield

Kenya - Fiji once more

It must have been a tough weekend for this Canadian fan: the Canadian team has lost all games

Hmm was Kazachstan playing??? Even Borat was watching!

And at the end of the final he managed to pass security and run on the field.

The Kiwi's celebrating the New-Zealand tournament victory and at the same time their series victory with a traditional haka


Drun said…
Hmm, jaloers hier!

Ik weet niet of je dat weet, maar zowel Jeroen, Roeland als ik spelen (of, bij R en ik, hebben gespeeld) rugby :-) En ja, dat was en is hilarisch en ongelofelijk wijs om doen.
Allie said…
I tagged you Ellen with the newest Meme that is circulating over the internet.

I would love to go to either a rugby or soccer match in Europe. It always seems to be very entertaining ..... of watching the other fans of course.
david santos said…
Pretty work, congratulations. Have a good weekend

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