Elections, always a bit of drama

I must admit it: I like going to vote. I like elections in general. It's not like I am watching each potential debate on tv or something because those can get quite predictable and boring although they can be entertaining as well. It depends on my mood really. But this year the national tv station had "broadcast diarrhea" and were exaggerating in their political programs.

Nevertheless I can appreciate all the drama that is linked to those debates and campaigns , as long as it isn't only about criticising the other. I appreciate political parties that come with a positive energising program.

On the day itself you see all the people coming out, walking around with their little white voting letter. It's like a big event: everybody comes out in the streets and since it's usually useless to drive up there, you see people walking and on their bikes all streaming together in public places like schools, sportshalls etc... You have to understand that Belgians don't have the right to vote, they have a duty or obligation to vote. So we must all get out of the door in those couple of hours on Sunday morning ! So it's a big procession of people going and returning and then meeting each other and waiving with a loud encouragement "vote for the good ones , eh!".

And then the tv shows start. I pity the journalists that need to keep on filling all the time even before any serious results are in.

And then the drama starts again: first the smaller personalities of all political parties give first reactions usually stating that they can't say anything yet since the results are still very provisional. After more pushing by the journalists, they slowly start admitting to the trends that they are seeing and reacting cautiously to the losses/wins. The more final the results are, the more big personalities show up in the different tv-shows. You litteraly see them running from one tv station to another, to their party offices (to check which is the official reaction ...with journalists on their heels) and back on the screen.
First the losing political parties give a reaction with maybe an emotional goodbye and at the very end of the evening (hey, it's all about timing and suspense), the winning party makes its entry with a lot of applause, claiming their electoral victory.

What a drama :p. You gotta see the fun of it all. And it's such an essential part of our democratic process!


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