Let's have a wrong party!

Important notice!!!

For all of you that are big fans of the funny outfits from 70ies disco music, for all of you who get excited whenever you hear the village people or Boney M or Abba, for those who can't stop dancing silly dances including the obligatory hand movements at weddings, for those of you who secretly sing along on pathetic Dutch , Flemish or German schlagers or "smartlappen" in their car, for all Eurovision song contest freaks, ....

....the most important radio event of the year is going on today. You can join in for the last 3 hours (until 4 PM CET I think) to hear the "Wrong top 128" (de foute 128) at q-music. It's the sixth edition this year and it has become quite famous. Wrong music is coooooool in Belgium. We love it. Yeaaaaah we especially brought a radio in our office not to miss it! Let's shake and sing and have fun.

And if you are too late, you can still check the list and download songs here. Apparently the party tonight in Ghent is totally sold out after some line ups in the record stores.


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