My silly little pisiform bone

Since yesterday my wrist below my pink in the palm of my hand, that corner of my palm started hurting. When putting my hand down, when touching that square cm, when bending my wrist, was painful. There was not much to see, maybe just a slight inflation. No little dot that might indicate a insect bite.

Today the pain was some moments making it impossible to type at work or to put the palm of my hands down...but a bit later it was gone again. Very weird.

The doctor gave me the answer this evening: my pisiform bone had moved out of place. Oh great, how on earth did that happen? We'll never know but those things can happen. Anyway, there is no clear solution for it either. I have to soak my hand in warm water and massage it a bit and then apply some relaxing anti-infection cream. And repeat that until it gets better. So if you excuse me now, I'll go and bore myself a bit in the kitchen while I soak my hand in the kitchen sink until it's all rimpled :p .


Your bone fell out of place?? Weird.
The double meaning of that animal in Canada (as you asked on my blog) well, it's a part a woman has, and should look a lot like that animal! :) Embarassing, I know, but it's our national animal, so....
Betsy said…
Oh no! That sounds painful! Hope you feel better soon!

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