The reasons why I was so tired lately

Tuesday night:
  1. couldn't fall asleep at time since I had been so dumb as to drink a coupld of glasses Coke that evening
  2. Had to go to the toilet at 1.30 AM
  3. The curtain dropped on the floor at 3.40 AM. The clips couldn't hold the weight of the heavy curtain anymore and obviously it gave up in the middle of the night!! Murphy's law, huh! I had to search for an eye mask to keep it dark for me to get back to sleep
  4. Heavy thunderstorm starts at 4 AM. Had to run around to close a window and couldn't fall asleep
  5. Had to go to the toilet again.
  6. Had to get up one hour earlier than usual to get at work earlier for meetings

combined with already some lack of sleep, some PMS, exhausting and demanding meeting marathons, .... => I was drop-dead tired the last days. But the good news is, I was even too tired to keep up my bad habit of going to bed too late. I was so tired, I could only sleep and as a result, I am starting to catch up.


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