Scottish wedding

Last Saturday Jan and I were invited at the wedding of one of his Scottisch colleagues. Naturally we could not miss such an opportunity.
So what makes a Scottisch wedding, Scottisch?

1. Lots of kilts

Aren't the men in kilts/flowergirls/bride/parents/ flowers/..... cute? (pick your choice)

2. Bagpipe music

3. Gaelic dances

...ooooh I so urgently have to go to a boombal again! Although Jan and I did a pretty good job of jumping right in unprepaired in some kind of slalom line dance something. Hahaha fun!

3. Toasts and speeches

Hmm did we end up in "4 weddings and a funeral"? Did felt so much like being in a movie. Speeches on Belgian weddings are usually limited to a "Welcome, we are so great that you are all here to celebrate this special day with us. We hope you will enjoy yourself very much and enjoy your meal".

4. A late-afternoon dinner
(as is the case in the Netherlands).
and there were bubbles on the table as well! That was a fun idea.

5. Whiskey and haggis on the table


6. Losts of drinks!

that were much to my surprise apparently not free. Should I know make some kind of joke about the Scottisch being stingy? Or just being wise ;-).

7. last but not least: lots of fun


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