So what does the baby announce?

Chatting can be fun, frustrating but also very confusing and absurd ! I had the following conversation on MSN today with an ex-colleague:

Colleague: "So what does the baby announce?
Me: huh?
Me: Is that a question to me?
Colleague: Yes
Colleague: Who else?
Me: baby? me?
Colleague: There is a baby no?
Colleague: I couldn't miss it.
Me: No?
Me: I am not pregnant!
Me: Ah, I feel very confused now.
Colleague: And since the counting down days are not there any more.
Colleague: Am I talking to someone else?
Me: I am goofball, your ex-colleage. I do not have children yet and I am not pregnant.
Me: And I never had an online status or picture referring to babies.
Colleague: Bizar, it says here that I am chatting with Catherine!
Me: Haha, no no it's me Goofball.
Me: Very weird!
Colleague: Very very weird!
Me: So you are E. right...or am I talking to someone else as well?
Colleague: I'll try to talk to Goofball who is on my list as well.
Colleague: yes yes, I am E.
Me: oh yes, very exciting!
Colleague: It says that you are in a meeting now and you don't respond!
Me: haha that was not me, I did not get any message.
Me: Very bizar.


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