Thankx Mick!

Thankx Mick for starting your European tour with your Rolling Stones buddies on the concert grassland in Werchter at 15 km from my door, ...right close along my road. I really enjoyed the traffic jams that you've caused! I really enjoy studying the bumper of the car in front of me. :(

Thank goodness that I memorised carefully with my colleague some alternative tiny roads through the villages along the national road I usually take. Thank goodness the concert fans didn't want to venture all out through the small roads, so it ended only being a delay of 20 mins. Pheww. And for a while, once I had passed Boortmeerbeek and Haacht I felt like a lonely alien stubbornly going in the opposite direction. Hahha and now I know yet another bypass of a busy slow road. Sorry people living there, you might see my Maes car coming by more often.

Gosh, I wonder what it would have been like if the concert had sold out. Pretty amazing that such a concert couldn't get sold out huh? But I do wonder what will happen in 3 weeks when the one of the biggest rock festivals in Europe kicks off again. I sure hope that those 60000 people each day will arrive a bit spread out throughout the 4 days and will take public transport. I am more worried about TW Classic going on the week afterwards! but I am fairly save now with my bypass roads memorised!


Yuck- Traffic! I HATE traffic! Wise move to find alternate routes!

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