Dear Weathergods

Dear weathergods,

It is July and I am sitting in the livingroom with the fireplace on. I know we've had the most incredible month of April: not a drop of rain and temperatures often to 30C. I totally understand that the weather needed to balance a bit, our country was in desperate need of some rain.

...but it rain loads in May and after a couple of good days in June it just started pouring again in June as well. And the last days we are suffering from severe thunderstorms, flooded streets, etc... I think we've compensated the great dry period in April by now. At least that is my humble opinion.

Rock Werchter, Graspop, Parkpop and Couleur Café were treated with quite some rain, but I didn't have tickets to go there anyway. But in the coming weeks I would like to enjoy our festival crazy country a lot more. Tomorrow evening will be the first evening of Beleuvenissen in Leuven with 8 folk groups performing down town. It would be very much appreciated if it could stay dry so we can do a little dance out in the streets! And in 2 weeks a lot of my colleagues go to the Rhythm & Blues festival whereas I'd rather opt for the Gentse Feesten! And please...give us some nice hot weather as usual in the beginning of August so that I can enjoy the usual great atmosphere at Folk Dranouter!
And I'd like to enjoy some more barbecues, enjoy our garden a bit more in the coming weekends, go for some bikerides or for some nice walks with Jan, etc etc...

So I am pleading: please let the summer start!


Your goofball


Carol said…
All my European blogging buddies have been mentioning the horrible weather. What a bummer! It sounds like ... well, like SEATTLE! Except that we're having glor-------. Oh, never mind!


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