The new mister Balen?

An ex-colleague from Brussels currently works for the town of Balen. In a chat conversation today he revealed to me the spectacular news that he and some colleagues had enrolled in a mister election in some kind of moment of insanity. He's in the picture in the middle (spetter02).

It all started as a big joke for him, nevertheless now they were taking part in it, they were going for the title. He would have already had a body wax for the election day!? Ough!!! Poor you.

So since this seems to be going out of hand anyway, I offered to make some publicity on my blog for him. I had the impression he was really pleased with the offer.

So who am I to refuse that huh?

....well I could be the one whome he tried to fool/ fooled so often before. We (incl Jan) have a tradition of making up stories to each other and trying to make the other believe it. So when Wouter became a father, I actually didn't believe it until he came in the office with his first ultrasound pictures.
This time I think
  • you'll have to be in one of the official pictures of the website and have an official televoting number rather than this private mobile phone number.
  • you should be wearing also the official Miss Balen T-shirt as the other finalist rather than seeming to have borrowed the sashes to pose for a picture.
  • You are to old to take part in the Mister Balen election You can still enroll for the Sir Balen election (>30y), but you wouldn't have a "finalist" position yet.
Sorry Wouter, but I don't buy your story. Good try though ;). It was fun again, like the old days :D.... and I kept my promise. Your picture is on my blog. How do you like that??


Anonymous said…
I'm going for the guy with the beer..

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