Bathroom progress

It's been fairly silent on this site lately about our renovations. However our house is not finished yet and my father-in-law has progressed on plastering the shower with special cement-plaster (we cannot use normal plaster since we want to paint the shower rather than putting tiles on it...normal plaster sucks up water too much).

However the bathroom still needs some other plastering finishing touch and needs to get painted and that's a job Jan and I can do together. In summer months there are so many other things to do, but we finally jumped in our working clothes again.
It was hard to get starting again at first...I really wanted to do something else, yet I also want to get this bathroom finished one day. So I had to bite through the sour apple (Dutch expression, don't know if it translates well). First you have to wrap up everything...what a dreadful secure little job. This morning it was already easier to get going again although I woke up with very very sore shoulders after sanding the shower wall.

Yesterday we did some more plastering and sanding and we've applied a very very glass fiber sheet on the wall, something we've done before in the dressing. It comes in handy when you need to smoothen old renovated walls with new walls etc.. Today we've painted the first layer. The white paint really is lightening it up...although I think we'll need to add some color, maybe around the bath and near the toilet. We'll see. We start off in white as usual and we can always add color later on. First finish the painting and then add the glass shower wall and the milk glass window towards the living room....and we can start using this bathroom! yeah.

before and after first layer of paint


Carol said…
Oh my goodness!! MEMORIES!!!!! Scary!!!

(No, really -- it'll be great!)

Jen said…
Good luck! We did our kitchen in the spring... I'm soooooooo glad it's over!
anno said…
Whether you're building or renovating a home, Churchill's quote -- "When you're going through hell, keep on going" -- is useful to keep in mind.

It'll be great. But you'll be glad when it's over. Good luck!

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