Candid camera

I am so glad there is no candid camera in our bedroom...

now tell me there a smooth and efficient (and elegant) way to change the duvet cover sheets on your own of a double bed? Everybody is running around the bed about 100 times and then pulling the corners and shaking up and pulling again , right? Right?


Jenn said…
I totally agree, it's a smozzle in my house as well.=)

Drun said…
Takes me like a minute or three, and all's well after that. So yes, there is a smoother way.
Betsy said…

*ahem* sorry, but it just brings out the beast in me. Because for some reason, no matter how you put the thing in it always seems to be the wrong way round and I have to turn it 90 degrees. Why is that?

And I end up having to climb in there because it gets folded and twisted and AAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!

Actually I'm cracking up now because I just realized that I was too lazy to stuff it into the duvet cover last weekend and so we're sleeping under duvet cover with the duvet thrown casually over the top. oops! But don't tell anyone, OK?
Ex-Shammickite said…
But duvets are so comfy and warm that the struggle is worth it in the end!

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