fall is coming

The summer smoothness of traffic seems to be over. It's clear that most people are back to work and that the roads are slowly clogging up again. Combined with the gloomy weather, it sure feels like fall has started. ....Kids, get your bags ready, school is starting soon!

...and then I am off on vacation.


Jen said…
Enjoy your vacation! What kept you in Belgium in August?
Goofball said…
what kept me in Belgium??

eum usually we have better summers, there are a lot of fun music festivals going on, it is cheaper to go on vacation off season (so not in July and August), it's actually enjoyable to drive calmly to work when all the others are in vacation and not on the road and then to leave when things get busy again :p.

I simply prefer taking vacation off season and generally I enjoy the summer in Belgium. But not this year, it was very depressing and I feel I really need some sun right now. I guess I'll need to accept that fall has started and stop whining, huh?

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