Nonchalant, distracted or just rude

I don't get it: you hand out a business card to a supplier, you send then an e-mail and you sign with your name. And then you get a reply with your name spelled differently.
...I reply again and sign with my name...
...and they reply again with my wrongly spelled name (although it is ok in the e-mail address).

This happens to me all the time: on internet helpdesks, in e-mails, in letters, etc...Since my name is very uncommon in French, it always gets transformed to a French equivilant. Also British people like to take a different version, although it does exist in English.

Well, it annoys me. I don't know if it is nonchalance, absent-mindedness, automatism of the others or just plain rudeness? But it annoys me. I am very close to specifying closely in capitals how to spell my name, the next time I reply to such an e-mail. Would I then be rude??


sari said…
I hate it when I meet someone (repeatedly) and they can't say my name correctly. I know it's weird, but you can tell they're just not making the effort.

Also, the spelling. My first name is strange, yes. My last name is fairly common, but spelled differently. It's interesting to see if they make the effort.

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