How cruel to take all my hope away : this is what I had to read in the newspaper today.

"No more summer this year. The summer of 2007 is over. The weather forecasts do not show any period with warm, dray and sunny weather anymore for the coming weeks."
"The next weeks will be like the rest of the summer: unstable, predicts De Mey. We don't have to count on a long period of nice weather in September either."

Well, they sure know how to make me depressed. That's exactly what you need to point out to me to push me down and take my energy away. I'll crawl now under my desk and cry a bit. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh.

It'd better be good weather in New England! I need some serious sun catching up to do!


Fourier Analyst said…
Oh GAWD! I feel a serious bout of Seasonal Affected Disorder coming on! Okay, so here's the plan...all of us bloggers in NL and BE, UK and D get together and mentally move all those grey clouds South! If we can maintain the energy, let's push them all the way to Italy where they are having serious drought problems. Maybe we can get some folk from I & ES to use their mental energies to pull on some of these clouds and help take the load off! Seriously, have we had more than 3 days of sunshine in a row since April? I sure don't remember it. (sigh) I miss summer...
Jen said…
Wait... does this mean weather predictions in the EU are better than here in the States? Because our weather forecasts are always wrong! Hopefully yours will be, too!

When do you get to go to New England?
Goofball said…
well eumm...they'll be wrong cause FA and I will start this big mental movement to move all clouds southwards, right? Who is joining in?

We are going to New England in the first weeks of September.
Jenn in Holland said…
I am joining in on the mental cloud push too! MOVE OVER and SHOW US SOME SUNSHINE!

No more bad news, okay?

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