Reduced mobility

After a very stressful week at work dealing with failing software, ignorant suppliers and stupid users, I was so glad that the weekend had started! Wooohoo, I had great plans: on Saturday we'd go to see one of my best friends at the Belgian coast. We had not seen each other in months, although we talk regularly, but somehow our agenda's had never matched recently to get together. A couple of weeks ago we had simply fixed August 25th "to do something together" in our agenda's. Last week I was always too stressed, too tired and lacking inspiration as to find an activity for this Saturday. Finally we both realised that we were both searching too hard for an activity: why just not get together, go for a walk and a drink and that's it? She lives near the beach in a touristic Belgian coastal city and the weather was promising, so hey, that sounded a great plan in its simplicity.

As we are then already at the coast, we'd simply drive up north one day early and go and stay at the vacation house that my sister was renting in the south of the Netherlands near the coast and a lake. We had planned to go there on Sunday and Monday but we'd show up already on Saturday night. And on Sunday we'd drive up and down to The Hague for a babyvisit with our friends there.

Lots of great plans! I was pretty excited when getting up. But then something shot in my lower back when sitting on the toilet. Aoch. Damn.

Grr getting dressed was a struggle, walking up and down the stairs was a struggle too. Darned, I did not want to cancel our plans. I wanted so desperately go and see my friend and go and visit my sister on vacation. I let Jan paint the bathroom shower on his own while I was keeping my back hot with cherry pit pillows and I spent the next hours slowly and carefully packing my little suitcase. While packing, I really wondered whether it would be a smart thing to sit for 3 hours in a car today though. You can't sit 100% straight in a car and getting in and out is risky. nevertheless I kept packing slowly including muscle cream (that type that starts feeling hot when applied) and cherry pit pillows and extra sweaters to keep my back warm and I kept hoping it would improve enough to leave.

By noon walking was a bit more easy as long as I kept my self straight up without bending or turning and when Jan was finished and ready I didn't mention my back much anymore and got in the car. I could sit straight in a chair at Sandra's place as well if things got too bad after the car ride.

Driving went fairly well and once in Knokke we went for a nice walk through town and along the beach, buying ice creams etc...I kept myself ok with some sweaters knotted in my middle as long as I held myself nice and straight but when I turned unexpectedly a bit, a big pain shot ran through my body. 'keep straight, keep straight'.

I was so glad to be there though and not having to change my plans! Woohoo the weekend could go on. Afterwards we drove to the Netherlands and arriving there, I was in a lot more pain though. Most of the evening I spent on the sofa with my legs up and with a painkiller. then it slowly improved each day.


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