Schmeklich, es war sehr gut

Finally the summer weather got its act together, just in time for the BBQ that my sister had organised for our German relatives that hopped over. They aren't really close family but we are almost their only family as my greataunt who married a German after WWI has only had one daughter who had one daughter who only had one daughter!!! But all those generations have kept in touch with their Flemish roots.

We entertained Stef a bit while my sister and brother-in-law got all things ready.

When my family showed up, I could not remember any German. I don't know much German anyway, but I definetely cannot produce any at the fly. So as usual I was really quiet at the beginning of the evening. Especially when I wanted to play with Ben, who is 6 weeks younger than Stef, I struggled with the communication and I thought he was throwing strange looks at me as if I was making one blunder after another. Probably not, he was probably just wondering who the hell I was as. Last time I saw him, he was only a couple of months old!

Later on the evening I started to mingle myself more happily in the conversation and joined the others while inventing new German words one after another. Fortunately Nicole and Marco understand our Germish made-up words that really turn out to be Flemish words that we make sound German. Betsy, if you read this, I had to think of you and wondered what you'd make of my babbling :p.

Stef was actually thrilled that there was a baby visiting as well, more than that he had a playmate of his own age now. I guess 2 years is still to young to really play together huh. After making clear to Benedict that his toys were his own with a repeated "mine mine" and after lots of encouragement of all adults present, Stef accepted to share them with Benedict. However every so many minutes Stef had to check up on the baby only to run away with his finger on his lips "ssssht baby asleep". She was indeed a very calm very happy baby! And now that I look back to the pictures of Benedict as a baby, the ressemblance is remarkable!

Ben enjoying Stef's car

watching the stars before the little ones headed to bed


Betsy said…
Hi Ellen! Sorry, somehow I missed this post! I would have loved to hear you speak Deutscherlands! Only thing is it probably would have made perfect sense to me and I wouldn't have noticed which words were really German and which were Flemish hybrids!

So glad to see you're enjoying your vacation! Hey, did you know that Ben and Jerry's was bought out by Unilever, so technically it's Dutch?! Michiel loves to rub that one in whenever he can...

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