Unexpected truth revealed

As I wrote in the previous post, Stef is becoming much more verbal and engages in little conversations constantly. Most of the time those are predictable as he comments on what he sees, what he is doing, what others are doing, ...or he repeats what we say to him.

Sometimes the conversation takes an unexpected twist, as when we had to wait a bit before we could sit down in the restaurant. We decided to make a small walk first, but we were waiting until some bags were put in the car. I was standing with Stef on my hand and Jan and my sister nearby some waste containers.

S: "It stinks"
S: "Mommy it stinks"
G:"Yes Stef, it stinks a bit over here. There are containers over there."
S: "Yes it stinks. Ellen just farted a little bit"



anno said…
Just wait 10 years. Then you'll be able to embarrass him just by showing up at the wrong time. You won't even have to say a word.

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