Battling the heat along the Massachusett's coastline

Already when waking up and enjoying the view over the Charles river from our hotel room, we could feel it was going to be a hot day. Fabulous !!!!

Our ventures started almost by a goose attack when a bike passing us nearly hit a goose on the sidewalk who then on its turn flew against our legs, batting its wings frantically before it then dived into the river. The rest of our walk passed MIT up to the Harvard Campusses was less eventfull. I felt very very humble though realising that those kids clearly feeling so at home at these campusses are pretty damn smart :). Yet the surroundings were so static, historic and peacefull and yet vibrant that I almost felt like starting to study again.

By noon it was too hot to continue to walk that much so we followed SMID's suggestion and headed back to the harbor where we boarded the Boston Harbor cruises and headed out with our noses in the breeze to some of the islands in the Boston bay. Very relaxing !!! Although Boston is nice, it was even better to get out of the city.

Driving out of Boston the next day was a bit harder, not due to the bad reputation of the Boston drivers. No not at all, Belgian drivers are far worse. But signalling in Boston sure could improve a lot !! Gosh, by the time we found the entry to the Interstate we needed, we had already toured around a bit. But we ended up on the correct highway southbound to land in the sticky heath at Plymouth. After a brief visit to the Mayflower II, we finally headed to our final destination of the day: Cape Cod. I was very excited about that !! Yet the first impressions weren't as positive : I cannot recommend 'scenic highway 6A' at all! What's scenic about a winding slow road with only fisherman's houses along. The villages that I expected was just an endless line-up of houses along the road and the ocean views and harbor views that I also expected were completely missing. Hmm wasn't Cape Cod a peninsula with beaches everywhere and harbors etc? So where were they? Not visible on highway 6A and not signalled anywhere else either. The fact that we were both very hungry, probably made us more grumpy thant needed anyway.

Fortunately the upper Cape with its dunes and lighthouse made it up again. And Provincetown was simply vibrant, alive, funny, cute and very very gay ;). It was so fun walking up and down commercial street and check out the many little shops and the harbor etc but the later it got in the evening the more straight couples like Jan and me became a minority. A fun open-minded (and very Democrat anti-Bush) little town!!


Jen said…
I spent a summer working for The College Light Opera Company in Falmouth, Mass on the lower part of the cape, and there's no doubt that it's harder to find the beaches there, although they ARE there. If you're at the tip of the cape try Truro - it's just gorgeous. And Provincetown is wonderful, if a little touristy. Where are you guys headed next?
sari said…
Glad you're having fun!
Allie said…
Sounds like you are having so much fun!! Wish I could be there with you guys.

When you get back ... I tagged you for a meme

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