Diving club

I might join a local diving club who trains each week in the nearby swimming pool. It'll depend a bit whether I can still walk tomorrow since our test class today was very tough on me. Warm-up was like swimming 16 lanes...then followed by more swimming condition training. It's been more than 12 years since I have swom more than 10 lanes ever. I had the worst cramps in my legs and feet ever.

...but doing this more regularly would do me good. Jan will go each week, so I am considering becoming a member too. Don't know yet though. diving season is very limited in Belgium, so most of the year is only swimming condition training.

We had a refresh dive as well though and I did my excercises well. Yoohoo.


Jen said…
My mother used to do serious diving. I've always admired divers - I'm afraid of heights, lol. I'm going to read your SOS tomorrow - I'm saving them all for Sunday!

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