My middle name

While I was on vacation, Allie tagged me about my middle name. So here it is, with quite some delay. The rules are very simple: You must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. (If you don't have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.).

In Belgium you usually get 3 names (so basically 2 middle names if you want):

K: 'Kip' (says Jan) (look that up in an online dictionnary)

A: Allergic to grass seeds, house dust mites and nickle.

T: Tired...I never learn to go to bed at time. I just never do. So you'll often hear me complain that I feel tired. Often my own fault.

R: Romantic

I: Intelligent I hope at least

E: Emotional

N: Nuances: I believe nothing's black or white (well almost nothing) so I try to find the nuances in what is happening around us, seeing the other side as well.

F: occasionally Funny, so I hope as well

R: Religious, catholic

A: hmm couldn't find an A for hours, so I asked online friends. they answered: Affectionate, amiable and altruistic. Jan suggested 'ambetant' (another one to look up) :p.

N: 'Nuchter' = down to earth, rationalistic, practical

C: a rare Chocolate hater

I: Internet addict: msn, blogger, facebook, name it.

N: a hopeless Nostalgic thinking back about past trips and people I met

E: European

I am never very succesful in tagging other people, so just leave me a comment if you want to play!


Jen said…
Interesting to know more about you through the meme!

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