Operational bathroom

After our work last summer here and here, we could start using our bathroom partially but the shower screen was still missing. Thankx to the work of Jan's dad we have since one week a fully operational bathroom with a large walk-in shower. I love it!!

We spent our day sanding part of the wooden floor and cleaning it in order to put the varnish on tomorrow. ....and in the coming weekends the other parts. You didn't really think we were bored already, did you?


Jen said…
What a gorgeous bathroom! That's going to be our next renovation project. I must say, I'm not looking forward to it.
blah said…
Dear Ellen - Your house is AMAZING - It is AMAZING!!! - I love it!!! You funky dudes you!!! - yes!! We have almost matching bathrooms!!! - Love it - but yet still our own styles. I must say I really like the kitchen too. WOW!!! & what's really the most best bit it - you've done it all yourselves - I am in awe!!!
I look forward to more updates!!!
Love Zotdink!
lies said…
prachtige badkamer, echt waar! en de keuken heb ik daarnet ook gezien. Wauw! Zonder zeveren: ik vind het een huis voor "in de boekskes" :-)
Ben nog lang niet rond met je blog, pffff, nog veel berichtjes te lezen...

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