The students are back

The yearly little trucks , station cars with chairs and seats sticking out of the back side, ...are back in Leuven. They are parked on the sidewalks and parents are unloading nervously lamps and chairs and boxes together with a lot of advice.

Yep, the academic schoolyear has started again. The university and colleges have started again and the parking spaces in the neighbourhood have gone down again. Aren't studens supposed to train to Leuven anymore? Tsssss. When I was a student , we all took the train. (haha, does that make me sound old :D).

Yesterday the professors paraded in their toga's again through the streets for the official traditional opening parade.


Jen said…
I live in a university town, too. The whole character really changes when the students come back. Here's the site for our university, in case you're interested:

They're especially known for football and research, lol. Not research about football, though. Luckily.
Jenn said…
I live in Boston/Cambridge.

The university towns of university towns.

And I have to say, I don't know who I dislike more now that I am not an undergrad - the students who are here in Fall and Spring or the tourists who come in the summer.

Students do tend to get drunk and vomit all over the sidewalk, so I guess I'd choose them.
Betsy said…
Aaaaaaah, Leuven! I always loved Leuven! Your picture made me a bit homesick!

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