Tip of the day

* don't rub your eyes at breakfast when you are hardly awake yet => you risk that you rub something in your eye
* in case you have rubbed something in your eye, don't rub your eye any further but rinse it with water or some eye wash => there exists a risk that you rub some bacteria in your hurt eye, which could result in an eye infection

but hey...who realises all those things when hardly awake at breakfast right? Tough luck.


Jen said…
I hope you weren't speaking from experience. And I can do all sorts of harm to myself and/or others before my morning cup of coffee ;-)
anno said…
um, everything ok there? I'm with Jen: you've got to be careful before that morning coffee!
sari said…
Once I was taking a shower (right after I woke up) and I stuck my face soap right in my eye. So I know how you feel!
Goofball said…
@Jen: unfortunately that was/is my own experience from this weekend.

@anno: yes yes, better now. I got some heavy eye drips from the doctor on Saturday evening, pretty strong ones apparently (with antibiotics and some cortisone) and since Sunday afternoon I started feeling improvement. Still feel it a bit, but nobody noticed it today at work.
Well it was supposed to be better today, if not I had to consult a specialist.

@Sari: I'd do that too! I don't function in the morning at all

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