A major Flemish newspaper launched an online test to measure how pro-Belgian or pro-seperaratic they are. After one day 60000 (Flemish?) people have tried it already. Quite interesting to see what type of stats come out of it:

  • The average participant is 54% seperatistic (50% being slightly edged towards separatism but not very convinced seperatistic either).
  • People from Brussels are 75% pro-Belgian
  • Older people are more seperatistic than young people....I find that very interesting. Do we loose our empathy, patience and solidarity when we grow older?
  • Man are more seperatistic, woman are more pro-Belgian.

I am scoring fairly average but more pro-Belgian than seperatistic which fits with my previous statements.

oh....and the government negotiations are still going on with 2 subagreements signed so far (on immigration and foreign affairs) there is still hope for our federal government ;-)


Jan said…
I'm 85% Unionist - I'm a true Belgian - And Damn proud of it!
anno said…
I've followed your discussion on this issue with some interest -- here in the States, I've heard practically nothing about it (to my shame, I know). When/how will this be resolved? Are Belgians taking to the streets in protest? What will happen?
Wow, I find that really interesting that the older generation is more separatist. Very interesting stuff...

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