Very often I've been tempted to join on Facebook one of the many many "I hate Crocs" groups eg. I Dont care How Comfortable Crocs Are, You Look Like A Dumbass. because I think they are really ugly shoes. But since this weekend, there are Crocs in our house as well. Big black ones with that winter wool in it. There are Jan's, not mine.

But I have to confess that they are pretty damn easy to slip into when I am running around on my socks and I realise that my mobile is still the car on the other side of the street. So I've been spotted crossing the street with a pair of Crocs that is many many sizes too big combined with white socks. Me! I guess I'll better stop making fashion statements about Crocs huh :p.


Anonymous said…
love my crocy lady !
I don't have any myself either. I thought I was the only one!
This really cracked me up! And I agree with you about crocs... both the ugly part and the easy part! But I don't have a pair. And DH wouldn't be caught dead in them, lol.

Hope you're having a good first week back at work!
i think that crocs are so ugly! but, my kids crocs with the furry inserts...ok, i'm confessing something and it's my first time here...when they don't wear them to school and they are laying by the door...i wear them when i leave the house. shhh...don't tell them! but, as ugly as they comfy! and convenient! scary that my children have feet that are my size now! god, i'm getting old!
Goofball said…
@to make it worse: I do live on a busy street, so it's not like I can sneek out and cross the street without people seeing me.

@anoniem: Yes I love you too, even with your crocs!

@PBJB: no no you are not the only one at all. Crocs (and all the imitating brands) are quite popular in Belgium, but here there's still a big group without them as well!

@Jen: well Jan adores his Crocs since the first minute he got them!
Yes and it cracked me up as well. It actually cracked me up while I was hobbling across the crosswalk with those tooo big crocs on my feet.

@SSP: Thanks for stopping by at my blog. Welcome!
Glad you also have a confession to make and that you also secretly wear Crocs :p. So I am not the only one.
Betsy said…
Have to come out of the closet and admit I have a croc habit too. I wore them all summer long and now still use them a lot as slippers inside the house.

These are the Mary Jane Crocs, though, and I tell people they're the elegant version of the clogs. That usually gets a snort...
jennifer said…
Twenty years ago, I felt that way about Birkenstocks. I still do, actually!
Allie said…
This made me laugh. I was an anti Croc lady ..... until I was given a pair for my birthday. Now, while I have practically wore them out over the summer and fall, I am still a bit in the closet about wearing them.

Although, Paul claims that I shouldn't be as I tend to gravitate towards the ugly and tacky kind of styles. :)
Fourier Analyst said…
You are such a trip!! Okay, now I'll admit it here only, there are a pair in our house too! DD2 wears them as here indoor shoes sometimes. Too bad her feet are smaller than mine as I have on occasion not wanted to go up the stairs for my houseshoes and there they were, laying right next to the stairs...

BTW, been meaning to ask, do you celebrate Sint on 5 or 6 December in Belgium? I use to know but now I have forgotten!

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