This morning the doorbell rang. 2 hot young guys in leather jackets were on the other side with a big toothpase smile. I expected some publicity for a neighbourhood party or something.

"Could we ask you what you think of the bible?"

In Belgium most people are not actively practising a religion anymore and if they are they are mainly catholic or muslim. Any other church/religion is a very small minority , not well known to the world. There are Jehova's Witnesses in Belgium but I must admit I know little more about them than some well-spread stereotypes : they come to ring your doorbell and if you engage in a debate with them, you can't get rid of them anymore, they build their temples together , they don't allow blood transfusions, their bible is different than ours, ...
But young stylish guys in leather jackets did not fit my stereotype. The content of their little booklet which I didn't refuse , was more what I expected on the other hand.

This afternoon the doorbell rang again. 5 little boy scouts in their uniforms and with their little glasses not very straight on their nose staired at me. They were selling little bags of waffles. Argh, I hate it when schools and youth organisations ask children to go and sell stuff as a fundraiser. People feel 'obliged' to buy things they don't need/want , especially when they know the sellers and parents always end up buying half of the stock. Usually they sell those industrial boxes with cookies or something, which I truly don't like.
While I was preparing my sentence that I do not buy anything at the door, the little guys added "We've baked them ourselves"....and I turned around and got some money. They got me on that one. And they sure baked them themselves, because one of there ingredients was clearly concrete. These waffles are hard as brick. Argh.

Next time the doorbell rings, Jan has to answer the door.


anno said…
We live out in a remote area where the only door-to-door salespeople are either annoyingly persistent or possibly downright dangerous. These days, if I'm not expecting somebody, I don't even answer the door. Callous, eh?
Jen said…
Well, at least they were authentic - having a boyscout and hearing what they eat on camp outs, I have some interesting impressions of their cooking skills!
Rebecca said…
mmm - those waffles sound frightening!
blah said…
sari said…
this made me laugh!!

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