As of today the Eurostar trains arrive in London in St Pancras station rather than Waterloo station. And it is finally running in the UK everywhere over its special high speed track.

That means that Jan will have 20 min's less travel time each time. He'll be in Brussels in 1h51 minutes (for approx 420 kms) ! Wooohooo :)

PS I commute 50 mins for my 40 kms to work. Pff


Does this mean Jan has a 2 hour commute each way each day??? YIKES!

And your commute is a long one, too.

When I was in high school I had my longest commute - 10 minute walk, 45 minute subway, 25 minute walk uphill. (Of course, on the way home it was downhill!)
anno said…
Those are some long commutes, but a long commute on a fast train sounds like an improvement.

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