I have to admit that I am very pleased to see my blog in the recently published " Metatale's top 100 of most influential Flemish blogs" on number 68. Holy cow, I didn't know I was doing so well :p. I wonder how long I'll be in there before I drop out (the list is renewed each week).

According to the explanation here, the influence of a blogger "is the power to incite other bloggers to action" and it is calculated based on the number of comments, on incoming and outgoing links, the frequency of posts etc but not on its visiter numbers. So I must thank you all in fact, my dear readers, for leaving so many comments and for linking to me, to get me this score.

It is calculated in an ever growing database of blogs via algorithms that I wouldn't understand at all. I have no clue how it's done, but I trust that Bart (a far relative of mine) has got it all figured out and that he can make Metatale a succesful company as he already did with Netlash. He and his business partners sure created the necessary buzz in the Belgian blogosphere last weeks and all kinds of bloggers published their metatale ranking (on a logarithmic scale of 1-25). So now I jump on the bandwagon :p.

MetaTale widget


Jenn said…
yeah for you, how exciting!

Go Goofball! And when did you post all of these... I was just here yesterday!
Betsy said…
Wow, so you're a BV! Congratulations! :-)
WOW E, that is pretty impressive!!!
Good on you girl!! I think you should be very honored!! Wall St Journal & now this!!!

Hey - thanks so much for the feedback on the kitchen:-)
Wholly Burble said…
Way to go! Keep it up. I'm happy for you.

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