London calling

As you could read over at Jenn in Holland this week: 1st of November is a holiday in Belgium. Not because we have to rest from all the Halloween parties over here (since a couple of years, thanks to the many many American media that flood us... there is actually some kids that do go trick or treating...I've noticed 4 of them on my way home last Monday) (but students and amusement parks etc do organise Halloween themed parties nowedays), but because Nov 1st is a national holiday in Belgium. It is the catholic holiday All Saints Day where we traditionally go to the cimataries with flowers and go and remember our dead relatives. I've written about that last year.

Since this year's holiday falls on a Thursday, I took Friday off as so many people did and I am enjoying a long weekend with Jan in London. So now I am off to explore a bit in this vibrant city again. Bye bye


Oh, enjoy London! I hope you have a lovely trip. I love that city.
anno said…
What an excellent plan! I hope you're having a wonderful trip!
I left you a little something on my blog today...
Allie said…
Yes - your post last year was very elegant. I love the way that you are able to share your customs with us. It makes me feel like I am right there beside you most of the time.

Hope you had fun in London. I miss you Ellen!! Perhaps we can try to meet up online tomorrow morning (my time, so about 4ish your time).
Rebecca said…
Enjoy yourself. I love London.
Jenn in Holland said…
Ah, I am a bad blogging friend. Here you have even linked me and I haven't been by in days. Naughty, naughty me.

I love London too, and hope to get over to see it again soon. I am really trying to arrange that zonder kinderen, so it is taking some doing. Hopefully soon!

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