Look up!

because ceilings can be wonderful. Here's some of this weekends ceilings. I wanted to write more about my trip of London tonight but I am too tired. So I'll stick to ceilings, modern and old.

Train station, Leuven

British Museum, London

Staircase, Christ Church college, Oxford

Christ Church cathedral, Oxford


Anonymous said…
Hey!! what a lovely post - I like it!!! :-)
I am enjoying your blog very much :-)!!
Lovely to have you visiting today too :-)
Love you!
I dont know where anoniem came from !! Its Zotdink here!
anno said…
glorious pictures! and an important reminder, too (look up!).
Betsy said…
These are beautiful!!!
What a COOL idea. I love these!!!
Allie said…
I love this!! People often forget to really look up and see the beauty in things.

I remember when I was going through the devastation of one of my miscarriages, my boss told me often that when people are stressed or are down, that they often forget to look up and see the beauty out there. He specifically told me to walk outside and look up at the sky, the tops of the trees and even the buildings around us. The whole experience was uplifting really and made me much more aware of the beauty in my surroundings.
Very cool and very creative post!
Jenn in Holland said…
Oh! I love the shots, each and every one! I love ceilings too.

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