The Martha Stewart in me

Blame it on the forced partial inactivity during 2 weeks,
blame it on too much time to watch tv the last 2 weeks (incl lots of Martha Stewart shows) or
blame it on an early Christmas mood I am in, ...

...but I really felt like crafting a decorative (advent) wreath this year. It was my first time ever, so I was happy to use a pre-moss-covered wreath and stick the other decorations on it. It was fun and I even ended up having 2 of them :p: one for outside at the door and one for on the table inside (with a white little christmas rose in the middle of it).


anno said…
They're beautiful! Very impressive!
Jan said…
You did a wonderful job and started a yearly tradition I hope.

Wow... those are lovely. I am soooooo bad at crafts and completely in awe of those who can do them!
Wholly Burble said…
Looks like you are having fun preparing for the holidays. I rarely have time any more to take on crafts--but I do enjoy working with my hands when I can. Thanks for sharing the pictures!
Allie said…
Impressive my friend!!

Martha Stewart ... my butt. You are just trying to impress Sinterklass to ensure that he leaves you something in your shoe next week.

Oh ... and you will be happy to know that he is going to visit my kids next week when we are in DC. I have already been trying to teach Kaelen all about him, although I am sure that I have messed the story up along the way. :)
I'm rather impressed by your crafting prowess!! A square wreath - I like it!

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