So nice

This summer I started getting these really sweet, interested, supportive comments on my blog from Jen in MI over at a2eatwrite. Since that moment she hasn't failed to comment on one single post so far. Check it out, scroll down...she is everywhere boosting me up.

And that's not all, last week she awarded me this "Nice Matters Award" "for her ever-present cheer and warmth and genuine interest in cross-cultural issues and facts. I can't visit Goofball's blog without smiling, as well as learning something new". Holy cow, how sweet can you be? And I am so happy that she did notice that I am interested in cross-cultural exchanges as I think those are so enriching to our lives!

[the following paragraph is added on Tuesday morning, so after the first publication of this post]
Look what I found out now: some of my "northern" neighbours thinks I am nice as well! Not only Jenn has bestowed me with this button, apparently Fourier Analyst was sharing the same idea : "And my lovely "southern" neighbour at Goofballsworld as she is always leaving such funny, encouraging comments and I am dying to meet her in person someday!" Well, FA I am really glad that you find my comments encouraging and funny. To be honest, sometimes it is hard to leave comments for some posts, sometimes you don't know how they'll come across, if they'll be meaningfull or meaningless, sometimes you are looking for that right witty remark, etc... So I am glad that you appreciate them.

Wooooh all those kind words, I think I am blushing right now and have the feeling I can fly!

So on my turn, I'd like to share this award with my crazy Australian Hong Kongees host sister Creative Flair Chic whose blog I just recently discovered. Apart from her family blog, she dedicates her blog "All things great and beautiful" to all things beautiful in life: decorations, fashion, flowers and lots lots of colors. I so reflects her happy, warm, shiny outgoing nature. Hey "Zot Ding" so deserve this award!

I also want to award Allie at Life at the Whittinghams. Although living at great distance from me, she's a fantastic friend always ready to share laughter but also worries and pain. She genuinly cares!

I don't know if it is quite according to the rules but I'd like to return this award to Jenn in MI herself. The time she puts in reading all my posts in detail and giving me such supportive feedback while doing the same thing at other blogs and while keeping this wonderful writing at hers a2eatwrite, is amazing. She shares so much love with everybody that it gets contagious.


anno said…
Congratulations! A well-deserved award! Now I'm off to explore your recommendations!
Jen said…
Oh my goodness, thanks for the very sweet words! And you do so deserve this tiny button. ;-) I'm really looking forward to reading your other friends, as well. Was this your host sister from when you were in Canada?

My German "daughter" is with us now!
blah said…
Missy -

you have made my day!!!

Thank you!!! - you are one dear girl & I send you a thousand hugs across the miles :-)

I am honored & will think who I can give this award to , to pass on the good spirit :-)
Fourier Analyst said…
ACK!! How did I miss that Jen had already awarded you this? I wanted to give it to you. And I did today!! (I should have done it earlier, but have been dealing with crises around here). Oh well, now you know that more than one person shares the opinion that you are a sweetie! Now I'll see who you think is nice...
blah said…
Hey E, just posted my award on the family blog!! Will post it on All Things Bright... tomorrow!)
Rebecca said…
congrats Goofball! And I agree absolutely with ALL that you've said about Jen - she is a very lovely blog friend to have.
Anonymous said…
Cool! Came by Cheaty that's cool your blog friend has managed to comment at every post! (including holidays?)
Allie said…
Wow Ellen - you brought tears to my eyes. You have been a true blessing in my life and I thank Rotary every day for having gotten the opportunity to meet you. Although our friendship truly began a couple years after your exchange, you left a lasting impression on me. It was those fabulous updates that you used to send to all of us that you had met on your exchange that made me more eager to get to know you.

Our friendship I know will last a lifetime despite the distance. It doesn't matter how much time may go by, but whenever we are able to hook up online, it feels so right and natural to chat with you about everything going on in my life. I look forward to coming over and seeing your country sometime in the near future and of course, to hassle Jan. Someone needs to keep that man in line (insert a big cheeky grin here).

I love you Ellen. You are a true precious friend.

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