Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street journal ran an commentary on Belgium's political situation last weekend. You can check it out here. And totally below (some people might need to register, I see the entire article somehow but that's not the case for everyone?) they mention related articles and blog posts.

guess who is mentioned??? Guess guess...

Yes I am proud! Don't ask me how it got up there, probably through search engines...but I am proud that contentwise my ramblings match quite nicely what this expert is writing :). What can I say, great minds think alike :p. So nobody has an excuse anymore but to scroll down and fight themselves through my article...or the WSJ commentary (that is shorter!).


It did echo what you had to say, but I think you said it all from a much more personal angle, which, for me, made the issues tangibly clearer.

The article also gave more background, though, than some other articles I've read in the States which are pretty sketchy, and kind of have this insulting tone of "Hmmm... splitting up, now isn't Belgium a strange place?"
Flaming Harry girl!!
Your blog was featured on the Wall St. Journal!!
You never know - they may give you a blog job as a political analyst!!

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