Weekend in UK

Last weekend I've:

  • been probably the only girl with a big sweater on in a hip bar in the City

  • been the only girl going to the toilet in a hip bar in the City, only to pee and not to fix any make-up

  • seen girls drink waaaaaay more than it's good for them

  • found the place to be if you look for any crazy gipsy or kinky or punk outfit: Camden market

  • seen a very expensive controversial crack in the floor at Tate Modern : Doris Salcedo’s Shibboleth

  • been reprimanded for almost taking a picture of Ellsworth Kelly's Méditerannée at Tate Modern

  • gazed at North American native art at the British Museum

  • been at a drink/small party in Jan's office

  • experienced a little bit what it would have been like to live in London during WWII blitz at the Winston Churchill's Britain at War Experience

  • strolled through St James' park and Regent's park

  • been amused by the little squirrels

  • taken the train to Oxford

  • seen 2 big owls there closeby

  • been in the room where some of Harry Potter was filmed (Dining Hall at Christ Church collage in Oxford)

  • seen wonderful other colleges and buildings in Oxford

  • had sore feet from too much walking

  • had muscle cramp from too much walking

  • eaten Chinese and Mexican
  • rented DVD's
  • ridden the Eurostar train for the last time to Waterloo station

It's been a fun weekend :)


Oh, when I saw you were going to London, I wanted to let you know about the War Cabinet Rooms, but you'd already left...

I really found them fascinating! It sounds like you had a REALLY thorough trip and now you'll need a vacation from your vacation.
anno said…
Wow! What a fabulous weekend! I love the pictures, and especially the one of the owl.
I'm exhausted just hearing about it!! What a fab weekend! I love the owl shot too!! :-)

Jan made a visit to my blog & i was rather pleased to have him visit :-)
Jenn in Holland said…
Hahahahahaha! The only girl in the bathroom who went to pee NOT fix her make up! hahahahahahaha!

Love the list and the photos, it sounds like a great time, really.

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