working from home

Working from home is kinda's nice to just go upstairs and have lunch in front of the tv and get some snacks out of the fridge. Or to read your first e-mails in pyama's still. And to be 'home' from work so early without commuting.

...too bad that it comes along with a quite painful abscess in a rather incomfortable place, a much much more painful surgical incession and now one or two weeks of aftercare (with nurses coming at home for free!) as well. Pff I survived last week already with the infection by painkillers and antibiotics and I think I had the worst treatment today, it can only get better I remind myself. And before I know it I'll be picking up my busy schedule again.


Jen said…
I sure hope you feel better! I had to go through something like that long ago, and it wasn't fun.

Take advantage of working in your pajamas, etc., though!
Jenn said…
I hope you feel better as well although I love to work from home as well.

Carol said…
OUCH!! feel better soon!

Betsy said…
OH NO! Hope you heal up very quickly!

And in the meantime enjoy working from home!
Anonymous said…
OH OUCH! Get better soon!!!
anno said…
Oh, I hope you're feeling better soon, too!

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