Come to the Light

One of the blogs I daily look forward to, is Looking into : a joint venture photoblog of Allison at Soccer Mom in Denial and Jenn in Holland. They are both great photographers that show me the beauty around me that I don't notice on my own. Fabulous buildings, sculptures, murals, publicity signs, stairs, fallen leaves, ....all are captured by them and turned into beauty.

After months of visiting I finally dared to send one of my own pictures to them and today one of my own pictures is on their site. Woooohoo, I am the guest photographer at Looking into today. Please go and check it out over there!


you think my photos are good! Yours are magnificent!! Lovely shot!

ps when I click on the link that says your the guest for toda - it goes no where.

hugs & looking forward to more of your shots & thanks so much for voting for me :-)
I did, and left my comment over there. It was an amazing photo, Goofball! Was it taken in Europe or in New England?
anno said…
beautiful! so cool!
Goofball said…
@jen: it is a pedestrian bridge across a railroad in my neighbourhood. I was just lucky with the light. It has already appeared on this blog over here but it comes out so much nicer in big :)
sari said…
It looks like a bridge to heaven! Congratulations!
Wholly Burble said…
I left comment over there--but I'm so pleased you decided to submit it. Very dramatic to see.
Jenn in Holland said…
We of course, were so very pleased that you submitted a photo or two! Very glad to have you join us at the joint-venture!

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