Music for Life

The Glass House is back in front of the train station of Leuven, with 3 radio DJ's from StuBru locked inside it without (solid) food. All across Belgium fundraiser activities are taking place, other DJ's skeeler around the country or hitch-hike across Europe with a bucket full of water, while in the mean time people line up in front of the glass house to pay for their request.
This is also happening in The Hague and I believe in Geneve as well.

It's great readio to listen to! And it's a great cause, as the world needs more drinking water and the projects from the Red Cross can help.


That sounds really cool. Some of my European friends have complained that Europeans don't give in terms of charity the way Americans do, but this sounds a lot like the kinds of things we experience at this time of year.
Wholly Burble said…
Interesting way to approach this. I'd enjoy learning more about it.

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