Reminder: Jan 10, 2008 is day to read!

Over the last weeks I indulged myself into a book that was laying on my nightshelf already a couple of months like a little treasure "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini. I had seen the book on display in so many bookstores and bestselling lists for a long time. When I finally saw that the second novel "A thousand splendid suns" was quite succesful as well, I was too curious to walk by again. Although it is not my habit to buy books at all, I took it home.

A couple of weeks ago I started reading and I must honestly admit that at first it didn't fulfill my high expectations. The first chapters sketch the background and intertwinned life of the 2 Afghan boys that led up to Amir betraying Hassan. Despite being very functional for the book, my preference goes out to stories where things keep moving and actions take place in real time.

But I got what I wanted! The events speed-up ever more and the reader is captivated by the sadness, hope, guilt-struggle, duty and horror (yes some passages are not to be read at the breakfast table) of the main character and his blood-stolling adventure. Knowing this is a fictional story doesn't take away the knowledge that similar events were truly happening in Afghanistan. It brings the book to a whole new dimension that takes your breath away and leaves you very silent at the end.

If you do not have anything to read yet, this is a book to choose!
And now I have to check whether they play the movie in any nearby movie theatre. Release date is 13/2/2008 in Belgium.

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I had to stop reading it during the description of the glass shards along the kite string. It is one of the few books I couldn't read. I was with a girlfriend today and while the kids were playing she talked about how she loved the book.

Thanks for writing about reading!!
I haven't been able to bring myself to read that, although my mother and many of my friends loved it. I'm a real wimp in terms of war, gore, etc. I still may need to read it, though. Thanks for the review!
Goofball said…
@SMID and Jen: yes as I said, some parts are true horror. It does handle about Taliban executions and torture.

I must say I've read certain pages as if I am watching a too scary movie. There was temptation to close my eyes and look down a few lines to check whether it was still happening.

Knowing that this will be part of the movie as well, is as a matter of fact what makes me hesitant to see the movie as well, but since I know the storie now...why not?
Jenn in Holland said…
This is a book which completely swept me away. In spite of the fact that yes, it is hard to read and even harder to take in, it is a compelling read and a very compelling setting.
I loved it completely.
We saw the movie this week and I didn't find it anywhere near as powerful or as well crafted as the book. I will admit to tearing up in the final scene though.
Wholly Burble said…
My mother was given this book as a gift, and said she couldn't put it down once she began reading. She has loaned it out to several people all professing it as amazing. I have, as yet, not taken up her offer to borrow it. I was going to take her to the movie, but it didn't come to a theater close to her--so that hasn't happened yet.

Thanks for the review--yet another "call" for me to pick this up and read it!

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