Shake that ass

aaaah I am back, in case someone was wondering. Just spent 4 long days at work as the project I have been coordinating over the last couple of months went live: the upgrade of our distribution ERP software to a newer version. Such switches can only be done over the weekend, so I camped out in the office for a couple of days with some colleagues and a British technician from our supplier.

This morning I got up very tired, very grumpy. Luckily no major problems got reported, besides some questions from confused users etc... Let's hope the invoices come out ok tomorrow and we can cheer!

Tonight I finally made it since 5 weeks again to the stepaerobic. Boy was that a weird lesson! A new Columbian teacher was leading it while are regular teacher was making notes in the back so she got evaluated. I don't know what was up as I came in slightly late, as always. Apparently she wanted combine Latin salsa music with the step aerobic which is a cool idea. But it was very chaotic, improvised and her microphone did not work. So we were just trying to mimic her latin dance/jump/shakes while she started searching a different song with a different rhythm every 5 minutes. Some people gave up and left, one person sprained her ankle and while our regular teacher was off to search for ice, the Columbian girl decided that we no longer needed our steps but that we would do some Columbian dances. Some more ass shaking came along while we were all trying to make some pathetic attempts to look like the new Shakiras. There's nothing wrong with that, but it'd be nice if she considered a little bit our lack of 'latin' genes in our body and take it step by step. After all it was a step class no? :p.
Anyway, it was a weird class, but it did get a weekend of computerwork out of my system.


Oy... software releases - see my Murphy's Law post - D has a release every year the day AFTER Christmas so everyone's frantic Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It's so stupid.

The class sounds fun, if weird. Have you ever seen Nia classes? They combine jazz dance, yoga and martial arts in an improvisational form - it's wild, but great fun!

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