Spoiled by my parents

In case anyone was wondering: we are still renovating. We've had color consultants come over to advise us over the colors we'll use to paint all our white walls. So 2008 has a lot of outstanding painting work still. But in the mean time my parents are frequently working in our house. With a lot of patience and accuracy, my dad is restoring our old staircase and getting it ready for some colorpaint.

and my mom has made me this Christmaspiece as attention drawer.

Jan and I have done our part as well though. Now that Sinterklaas is back to Spain, it was time to set-up our Christmas tree.


Lovely decorations! And your staircase looks wonderful. I still have painting to do in our kitchen from renovations last year.
Drun said…
Ik wist niet dat je ma dat soort stukjes maakte :-) Ziet er echt niet slecht uit.

Doe ze eens véél groeten van me, en zeg dat de kleertjes die ze voor Kobe hebben gekocht, gewoon schitterend waren! Hij is er ondertussen alweer uitgegroeid, maar het was veruit het mooiste dat hij had op dat moment :-)
your dad is a legend - give him a hug from me :-)
Wholly Burble said…
My gorgeous--your parents are quite gifted. Nice that they can contribute to your home.

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