On January 7 and 8 we will get our new double sided windows. Hurraaaay hurraaaay, much less noise in our bedroom, less los of heat. Whooohoo, I've been counting down to that day for months, years! But we need to free up some parking space for our supplier. For that you need to get a permit from the police and you need to put the signs up.

Now we have a choice: either we get some signs ourselves or the city of Leuven can come and place them for us...at a cost of 98€ .

So here's my question: is there any contractor, people who renovate frequently, ... reading this blog willing to lend us the roadsign E1 for a couple of days in the beginning of January? Or can anyone tell us where I can rent it for a decent price? I've found them in Huurland for 10€ a day but there is no Huurland nearby Leuven. Any other store nearer by? Anyone????

For my Dutchspeaking readers: kan iemand ons de bordjes voor een parkeerverbod uitlenen of verhuren begin januari? thanks!!


Jenn in Holland said…
Jammer, heb ik geen bordjes!
Jenn in Holland said…
of helaas?
Mijn nederlands is slecht...
Wholly Burble said…
Hope you get help with the signs--and burrrrrr . . . won't it get too cold having the windows "out" before the new ones are put "in"? Even with one at a time, I'd think it would be cold.

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